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Gary Towse

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A local footballing legend whose late father Tommy was a bustling striker and later accomplished fullback for the old Folkestone club.

Gary is a former Transport Policeman at Folkestone Harbour whose sheer presence on the quayside soon calmed any hotheads causing problems on the Cross Channel Ferries in those halcyon days when the town was a busy link for thousands on their way to the Continent – or back.

He was an outstanding goalkeeper in his younger days and played with distinction at Crystal Palace against many of the biggest names of the day.

Like his dad, he also played for the old Folkestone club, and, in his early 40s, was called on in an emergency to play between the sticks for Invicta in a memorable FA Cup replay against Windsor & Eton.

Also had a spell playing in South Africa when the legendary George Best played for the same club.

Gary is now the club groundsman and has provided Invicta with a much improved playing surface that is arguably as good as any at this level and better than most.

He also helps out with the club’s goalkeepers who will always value his advice.

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