Folkestone Invicta is aware of an incident that occurred during last week’s friendly against Gillingham ‘B’ at the Alcaline Stadium.

A three-year club ban was issued with immediate effect and the incident is now subject to a police investigation.

Folkestone Invicta condemns such behaviour unreservedly – it has no place in football, or anywhere.

The club would like to stress that there is a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of abusive, aggressive and discriminatory behaviour at the Alcaline Stadium.

If you are subject to, or witness any, harassment, abuse or discrimination on a match day, please report this to your nearest club steward.

Everyone attending any football match has the right to feel safe, welcome and included. Robust measures are being put in place to ensure that similar actions do not happen here again.

Folkestone Invicta would like to reiterate that minors under the age of twelve must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.