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Sat 20th Jul 2019

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Mon 22nd Jul 2019

Kick off - 19:45

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Tue 16th Jul 2019

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Folkestone Invicta
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Sat 13th Jul 2019

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Board statement 08/03/2019

We are pleased to advise that after lengthy negotiations, we have 
received written confirmation from Folkestone & Hythe District Council, 
that we will be awarded a 10 year unbroken lease, immediately following 
the existing 5 year lease. That it is a 10 year unbroken lease, means 
that we will be able to meet grant application requirements, and also 
the Bostik Isthmian league regulations, which has steadily come down 
from a 10 year tenure, to 1 season. The reduction in tenure is because 
council's are no longer offering the very lengthy leases that they were 

This season has been difficult due to numerous injuries to key players 
since August 2018. As a result of this the Board agreed to increase the 
playing budget due our position in the league towards the end of the 
year. This assisted the team to climb the league and maintain a stronger 
This has meant our policy of remaining debt free, has been more 
difficult to achieve this season, and due to current finances and day to 
day commitments the budget needed to return to a realistic manageable 
cost. This has resulted in a committed smaller squad but also given some 
of the youth players an opportunity to be involved.

It is very pleasing to see our average gate rise, which boosts morale, 
and leads to more income from gate receipts and Bar takings.
Thanks to Matt, Mark and Pauline, Bar takings continue to rise.
Thanks to our new Lottery collector, Lottery takings are beginning to 
rise again after the recent years decline.
We have spent time trying to resolve the Regency and Greene King 
agreements. The latter has now expired, but the Regency agreement has at 
least 3 1/2 years to run, with potential penalties each year. 
Unfortunately due to a mistake with the barrelage in both agreements, 
financial penalties were applied by both Greene King and Regency, 
meaning we had to pay them money, with no ability to negotiate prices. 
We are hopeful that increased sales will reduce the penalties in coming 
Matt and Mark held Successful Christmas events, and our tea bars are now so much better, thanks to Mark and his family. -

We would also like to thank our sponsors who continue to support the 
club and are pleased to say that all our home games have been sponsored.

The Board would very much like more people to get involved especially 
financially - but we can say that nobody has come forward. There has 
been a lot of talk around the ground regarding investors and projects 
but nothing concrete has ever been presented to the board. The club is 
now debt free after many years and any investment projects are always 
welcome, but if we are to continue with our policy of sustainable 
ambition, we need more people.